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Sydney L. Forde

PhD Candidate in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications

The Pennsylvania State University


PhD The Pennsylvania State University

2020 - 2025

Mass Communications
Advisor: Matthew P. McAllister
Committee: Christopher Ali; Krishna Jayakar; Matthew Jordan; Victor Pickard

Dissertation: Exempting Democracy: An Analysis of Market Ontology Through Two Journalism Anti-Trust Exemption Acts [NPA and JCPA]

MA University at Buffalo | Brock University

2018 - 2019

Canadian - American Studies

MA Thesis: Diverging Media: US and Canadian Public and Private Media Representations of Immigrants and Refugees

BA Brock University
First Class Standing


Business Communications
Honours Thesis: Right Over Reason: Unnatural Voting in the Age of Populism

L-R: Dr. Matthew F. Jordan; Dr. Christopher Ali; Sydney L. Forde; Dr. Matthew P. McAllister; Dr. Krishna Jayakar

Research Interests

Political Economy of Media Industries

Critical Media Policy, Media Economics & Democratic Theory

Journalism and
Public Media

In the Media

The trouble with competitions is that somebody wins them.

- G. Orwell

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